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"Adore Me" CA$HMERE COLLECTION - .05 Lash Tray

"Adore Me" CA$HMERE COLLECTION - .05 Lash Tray

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Explore lash perfection with our "ADORE ME" Ca$hmere Collection! Elevate your lash game with our 16-row trays featuring the softest and darkest cashmere fiber lashes. Ideal for dark hybrid, volume, and wet sets, these lashes create a matte finish, ensuring a luxurious look.

🗝️Key Features:

-Matte Finish

-16 Rows

-Cashmere Fiber Lashes

-Soft, Dark & Fluffy

-Non-easy fan (loose base)

-Easy-to-pull-off strip

-Thin base fans

-Fans like butter


Designed for both beginners and experienced lash artists, our lashes boast a loose base and a non-easy fan formula. The .05 diameter ensures a lightweight feel, while the easy-to-pull-off strip fans like butter, offering a seamless application process. Choose from CC, D, L, and LU (M) curls ranging from 8 to 15 mm or 13 to 20 mm to achieve the perfect look for your clients. Our lashes maintain their curl shape and stay fluffy, ensuring your clients leave with lashes that are as stunning as they are comfortable. Welcome to the next level of lash luxury – the Adore Me Cashmere Collection. 

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